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The Agreement between the Casa de Europa Mexico and The State of Guanajuato

convenioToday marked another milestone in the path to making San Miguel de Allende one of the most beautiful travel destinations  in the world, and a place where San Miguel de Allende businesses become world renown. It was the day of the official signing of the agreement between Fundacion San Miguel de Allende and Gobierno del Estado for the legal operations of Casa de Europa Mexico; an association meant to promote culture, business and education in San Miguel de Allende, and  between Mexico and Europe.

The Signing of the Casa de Europa Agreement

At the event the governor of the state, Miguel Marquez Marquez stated that he was proud of all the people in the government, but more importantly in the private sector that stimulate economic growth by working on projects like that of Casa de Europa in Mexico.  “With pride we can shout out that we have been awarded by Conde Nast as the top city in the world  to be in,” stated Governor Marques. “It is thanks to San Miguel residents both local and foreign, that this is such a great city to be a part of.”  According to CNN it is the great atmosphere, excellent restaurants, culture and ambiance galore that allowed the city to win this reader’s award status at Conde Nast, one of the most renown travel magazines in the world. The award is to be presented in New York on November 12th, 2013.


Upon taking the stand, Fernando Balderas, president of the Fundacion San Miguel de Allende said the purpose of the Casa de Europa was to promote tourism and business.  The installations will house art expositions, a coffee shop, meeting rooms and workshops.  “We want San Miguel de Allende to continue to grow and we want to take pride in our city, our society and hand something of great value down to our children,” he stated.

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