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Schools in San Miguel de Allende – Thoughts Written by This New Generation of Students

Students in San Miguel de Allende Live don´t existStop Existing and Start Living

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” A famous quote written by Oscar Wilde, one that changed my way of thinking about my life. This made me take a moment to realize that I am very lucky. I am blessed as I´ve had a lot of opportunities. I have a loving family, a great education; I’ve had amazing trips and many other things. But I’m not saying those are the reasons for living and not just existing.

The real opportunities lie in the different people who have made up my life. They make me the person I am today. These people have been a big influence in my life, and have taught me to treat others with respect, be a person a value and be responsible and tolerant to others. They have taught me to refrain from judging others, to help people when I can. They´ve also taught me that it is OK to laugh at myself, to smile at life’s events and to cry less; to lie every moment to its fullest, even though there will be difficult times ahead. I should always see the good side of what life has to offer.

Thanks to the people that area a part of my life, I’ve learned to live and not to just exist. Thanks to them, I’ve learned to be happy.

Zyana Gallegos


How to Be Successful at Life


students in san miguel de allende change the worldEveryone chooses what he or she wants to do with his or her lives. You decide to succeed or fail.

I am fortunate because I haven´t had to struggle much. I have a wonderful family that always supports me in everything I do.

My main goal in life is to be successful. To achieve this I am willing to work hard and do whatever it takes to reach my goals. I know along the way I will encounter many problems and obstacles, but I have to stay strong, keep going, and I will be rewarded for my effort.

Saul Antonio Arreguin Camacho


He Was a Miracle in My Life!

You are a miracle san miguel de allendeHe didn’t want to leave, and I didn’t want him to go. But this is how life works and we have to go on…. One year ago, I sat next to Arturo. He took my hand and I laid my head on his shoulder. He told me he was moving to the United States…. Immediately, my heart broke.  As of that day I started missing him, and now that he’s gone I feel a piece of me is also missing.

He was my best friend; we had been friends for years and he made my life make sense, especially when I had problems. On that day, he hugged me, but there was still a huge hole in my chest. I could feel the tears running down my cheeks. I couldn´t believe it was happening. He was crying too…although he tried to smile. He is the best gift I have ever had. And always will be.

Renata Quintanar


I Believe

i believe san miguel de allendeI believe we can accomplish our dreams no matter what others say.

I believe we have to be strong and be able to make our own decision of who we are; what we want and we must learn from the errors that life brings us.

I believe we have to explore what we want and see if it´s going to be good. Many people tell you, you can’t do something and that you will never make it. Sometimes that makes us feel bad. People don’t understand that we have to learn on our one and learn from life. Sometimes we feel bad, we feel like nobody loves use and nobody understands. I know I have felt like this many a time, I have cried and gotten depressed.

Even so I believe you should always dream, make mistakes and no matter what others say, follow your own path. I believe we must stay strong and stay motivated.

I´m not saying we shouldn’t listen to others…because people can give us good advice and encourage us to be better people. I believe you have to list4en to others, but also listen to your heart, that which tells you what is best for you.

Marian Moore


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