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11 Palabras Qué Todo Estudiante en San Miguel de Allende Debe Saber Sobre Halloween

bats san miguel de allendeBat– a black animal that comes out at night and can fly. The myth goes that,  on Halloween it can turn into a more human-like Vampire that walks around sucking people’s blood from their necks!

Black Cat– on Halloween they are bad luck if they cross your path. They are said to be the pets of witches.

Broom– This is a tool used to sweep floors, but on Halloween witches fly through the night sky on brooms.

Candy– This is an American tradition. people, especially kids, eat lots of candy on Halloween. Every house in the neighborhood will have candy ready for kids who come around and say, “Trick or Treat.”

Clown– a popular funny Halloween costume. Usually the person has a big fuzzy red wig, a big red nose, big shoes, and a crazy, colorful outfit.

Costume– a special outfit you wear on Halloween to make you look like something or someone else. Popular costumes are: princess, werewolf, vampire, TV or movie characters, ghost, clown, etc.

Ghost– a popular simple costume made out of a bed sheet with holes cut out for your eyes. Ghosts are said to walk ghosts in san miguel de allendearound on the night of Halloween to scare people. They are the spirits of dead people who are not at rest. They say, “boo!”

Ghost Story– scary stories told on Halloween, usually at night, in the dark.

Goblin– another monster, an evil, small, creature that is ugly and likes to cause trouble (mischievous).

Haunted-House– usually in most neighborhoods or towns, there is one old house that no one lives in that is said to be haunted. Ghosts live there, and if you go to a haunted house, you might not come out!

Jack-O-Lantern– a pumpkin with a carved (cut) out face. You put a candle inside the pumpkin so the face glows. Most people put these on their front porches or in windows.

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